Daily Prompt: I trust my heart


I trust my all-time-enduring heart, which paints my soul with exquisite art

i know it beats, beats all day long, plays silent song

soul it holds , emotions it moulds

sometime it weeps, weeps unsheded tears

sometime it breaks, with all so fake

tries to rejoice every single slice of life

i trust it for all the thrust it endures

it helps me respire, keeps me inspired

duties are imposed, still always composed

i will trust it forever , with all what it endeavors

it strives to keep me alive

i want it to stay strong all along

we will fight all battles together,

we will overpower all adversities , overcome all infirmities,

would keep going till going gets tough,

i will trust my heart till my soul gets apart

 and i know altogether we will get better and better..


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