Daily Prompt: Subduing fears and anxieties


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Hi friends! i may not be a professional advisor nor a counselor ,but we all learn from experiences ,Right? Afflicting  yourself with depression in every possible dejecting situation is ANXIETY . Anxiety is not a like disease where-in a person needs to get treatments like other  syndromic physical disorders .  Its not impracticable to cure but it requires being patient and dedicating peace to your mind. whereas fears are something that are like straying thoughts that carries with us no matter what we are heading for. Fear needs to be overcomed and not cured as it persists for some time frame till our mind completely absorbs the complications.These conditions needs proper medications and consults(in case they are severe) although mild and temperate anxieties can be resolved with generously devoting to yourself.

There are several methods wherein mind can be stabilized and panics  can be overpowered. All these requires creating visual steadiness and neutralizing your negative upcoming thoughts with utmost optimism and patience.Whenever you feel like adrenaline rushing through your body, calm yourself down by contemplating the fear as an entity in your mind and gradually feel as if you are defending invincibly and disrupting the entity into crumbs by overpowering it.

It can also be moderated by engaging your thoughts into something that nullifies your arising negations.when ever you feel like your fear is going to succumb you , suddenly drift your mind into a happy moment like your sweetest day, your parents or any gratifying situations that glees you.

Also by eradicating all apprehending thoughts of unborn adversities by simply counting in descending order like-wisely fading your anxieties with gradual descends.what all you need is diverting your mind in all the possible way in which your brain undergoes peace, which can also be acquired with any small talks with surroundings,calling your dear ones or just by taking water may help your thoughts deviate.

All we need is savoring all happy moments.Happy moments are not something that needs to be given endeavors to, they just needs to be created by enjoying in every little situations.Be internally happy so that your mind don’t lets any unusual feelings invade you. And yes ,DON’T RUN AWAY FROM YOUR FEARS AS THE MORE YOU TRY TO ESCAPE THE MORE WILL THEY CHASE YOU. SO GO, CONFRONT THEM AND DON’T LET THEM TRAP YOU.even if  with these  methods you are not able to get rid of those deadly traps ,you need to seek a medical advise. don’t worry nothing will be able to deteriorate your peace if you are determined and not one to be easily demoralized.And always remember time is a big healer and nothing unpleasant stays forever.Go have fun and seize the day. 

Have a nice day.



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