A letter from abandoned parents to their son

Lately, we had been thinking about the days when we used to cherish all possible moments.

REMEMBER, how i used to make apple pies, your father used to whisk the cream and you made grumpy faces,clattering plates for breakfast being late.We than loved your childish annoyance,little did we know that sometime we will have to make sugar free pies just for us with no annoying noise which is perhaps more annoying.Had we better known it was just for a time being,we would have relished it more.

REMEMBER, how you made excuses for not going to school and we anyhow made you to it.you cried whole way  chanting how much you hate us.Better had we known that we are  sometime gonna cry passing through the same way thinking we would have better not dropped you to the school ,may be you would not have hated us this much.

REMEMBER, how you used to come running to us, hugging us telling us about how your teacher appreciated you for your ranks.You always had a bad appetite for success whether it was about achieving ranks or forsaking us to acquire more. If we had known, how badly you crave for success, we would also have taught you some life goals.

REMEMBER, how we were oblivious of your slangs and you made fun of us, you should have told  us how important it was for you, we would have learned them, may be then you would not have deserted us.

BUT WOULD NOT REMEMBER how much we had to strive so that you could have all that we could not..SUCCESS..you could not remember how we used to hide the Christmas presents in the socks so that we can make you believe that god eyes us and reward us with presents when we behave kind.you could even not remember the sleepless nights we spent when you were sick, praying for you.And now we are sick, we still pray, but we pray for us.. so that we can see your gratification and you telling us how much you have achieved ..all this till we are in our breaths.Believe us we are still going to appreciate you and we are still going to have that same proud faces that we used to have when you awarded with trophies.there are some things that you cannot remember , not that you can anyway recall,because we never told you , we never told you why we didn’t come with you to trips .. not because we didn’t love you but because we can save our part of money so you can enjoy next trip.

And now we pray from god not for yielding us with years of liveliness, but days of peace so that we can reminisce all that we had missed adoring. Adoring happy days. yes those were happy, and they still make us happy.


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