Daily Prompt: Flattery



Tail waging in morality, eyes pretending modesty

paws forming claws, skin radiating conspirational vehemance

here what she does to seek sympathy and that she knows skillfully

lingering around the only feet bestowing her shelter

then starts her monotonous melodrama

fabricating innocence to lure whom she owes

all this not for affection one aspire, but all this to fancy her appetite

even though she is self calculating, she still gratifies what she is catered with

and when comes the feast, all for she had been endevouring  so long,

sinks herself down, again to charm , the shrewd flattered cat.


A letter from abandoned parents to their son

Daily Prompt: what is with all so fake?


4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Flattery

  1. Yeah, I can see that. Of course, one of our cats, when she wants to be fed, just looks straight at us, opens her mouth as wide as it goes and gives us a huge “myyyyat” (that’s what the sound is like rather than her normal meow). Well written. Definitely could picture everything you wrote.


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