Trailing were my fingers through the water splashed onto rocks, 

damped the sky with uncertain drops.

what visioned these eyes still mesmerize the glance,

wooing were the birds to beguile the clouds with their dance.

no miseries, no stress ,no pains no strives for gains

everything around surrounds so homogeneously with the grounds,

embracing  overflowing love of the cosmos

 reminiscing the bygone years and relishing the memories.

every sound follows a rhythm every scene making a sense ,

deliquescing were the beasts their ferocity into generosity,

then strikes the mere reality leaving me with a possession,

rendering inspiration to relive what is left,

to intact the existence with no resistance.

setting spirits , sphering  fears, squaring passions .

it was same me before the dream same though after,

same are situations ,same are surroundings.

but here is my breath all fresh, thoughts all transformed.

feels like have updated a version of my life.

with a lurch, fading adversities and fake pasts.

leaving behind everything to live thereafter.

not regretting that it had been just a dream,

but would have remorsed if i would not have had this DREAM .



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